Achieve Your Goals CIC: A Fun and Educational Morning at ‘Sustainability Corner’

We had the pleasure of attending the 'Sustainability Corner' event organised by Achieve
Your Goals CIC in collaboration with High Aims Ltd, the climate team of Rotherham Metropolitan
Borough Council, and E-Media Brand Design Ltd. The event was a good mix of education and
fun, designed to engage all participants of all ages, including young children to professionals.

A Morning of Games and Learning

The morning was jam-packed with a variety of activities that aimed to promote sustainability and
raise awareness about the environment. These games were designed for different age groups,
ensuring that everyone involved had a fun but educational experience. The event featured a
diverse selection of games, ranging from classic favourites, sprinkled with a sustainability twist.

Games for Everyone

One of the highlights of the event was the wide selection of games available. We had everything
from Top Trumps, Higher or Lower, Twister and Snakes & Ladders.
Whilst each game was designed keeping the participants engaged and entertained, it is also
preparing the next generation to be more conscious of their environmental impact.

● Top Trumps: The card game was adapted to include facts about various environmental
topics, such as renewable energy sources and endangered species. The school children
loved learning new facts while trying to compete with their counterparts.

● Higher or Lower: This game challenged participants to guess whether certain
environmental statistics were higher or lower than others. It was a great way to raise
awareness about the current state of our planet!

● Twister: This classic game was given a green ‘twist’. Players had to answer
environmental questions correctly to stay in the game. It was a fantastic way to get
people moving and thinking about our planet at the same time.

● Snakes & Ladders: In this version of the game, players advanced by answering
sustainability-related questions correctly. It was a fun and interactive way to educate
participants about the steps they can take to live more sustainably.

Educating the Pioneers of Tomorrow

Though we did have a fantastic time, the event was not just about fun and games; it was about
preparing the youth of tomorrow to be more mindful of their environmental impact. By engaging
young minds through interactive and enjoyable activities, Achieve Your Goals CIC, High Aims
Ltd, the climate team of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, and E-Media Brand Design
Ltd are ensuring that the pioneers of tomorrow are well-equipped with the know-how needed to
build a sustainable future.

As you can see, the pictures from the event clearly show the variety and excitement of the
games. Whether it was school children learning about renewable energy through Top Trumps or
corporate teams strategising their way through a sustainability-themed Snakes & Ladders
game, everyone left with a greater understanding of their role in protecting the environment.

Looking Forward

As we look forward, we remain committed to educating and inspiring future generations. Events
like 'Sustainability Corner' are crucial in spreading awareness and encouraging sustainable
practices across all age groups. We are excited to continue our efforts in collaboration with our
partners and look forward to many more successful events in the future.

In conclusion, today's 'Sustainability Corner' was a resounding success, filled with laughter,
learning, and a shared commitment to a greener future. We are excited about the journey ahead
and the opportunity to make a positive impact on our planet, one game at a time.

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